Straw Cleaning Brush

Bambaw was founded in 2015 by twin brothers Max and Augustin, who want to live their lives in a sustainable way and create as little waste as possible, while empowering others to do the same.

Bambaw believes that a more sustainable and ethically conscious world is possible, and it’s up to us to create it.

They rock the status-quo of consumerism by developing sustainable alternatives to single use products.

Straw Cleaning Brush

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  • Bambaw’s small cleaning brush is made from a stainless-steel wire and cotton bristles. Thus, it is completely recyclable, and the cotton is even compostable.

    The handle is sturdy, yet flexible. Therefore, you can bend it back and forth, to effortlessly clean hard to reach areas. The bristles are made from high-density cotton. This allows it to absorb and soak vinegar, soap or even tarnish much better than nylon bristles.

    • Plastic free
    • CO2 neutral, from its conception to you


    Straw sold separately.

  • Length: 200mm

    Diameter: 6mm