Handmade in Switzerland with undyed Premium-quality 100% natural Romanian hemp. 

Hemp fabric is organic, biodegradable, antimicrobial, and while holding its shape it softens with time and use.

Small Bento Bag

  • The Bento Bag, also called Azuma Bukuro, is a traditional Japanese market bag known for its convenience and aesthetic. This bag is lightweight, functional, durable, folded flat it takes up so little space that you’d be surprised how much it can hold while in use. The uses are pretty much endless, you can carry and store all sorts of things, from bread and fruits, your lunch or picnic, to organising your  bag, suitcase, socks drawer or anything else you can think of.



    It makes a perfect 2 in 1 gift when you use the Bento Bag as a zero waste, eco-friendly and plastic-free  wrapping. Just put your gift inside and tie the two flaps together. Decorate it with flowers, leaves, or reuse ribbons that you already have for an ultimate zero waste gift.


    Size: approx 24 cm at base and 15cm high without the flaps.