Organic cotton produce bag - set of 3

Elephant Box is a British company that produces different size lunch boxes and snack containers. They are continuously building their range, bringing plastic-free alternatives on the market, products that are useful, beautiful, durable and reliable. All Elephant Box products are sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, made from food grade stainless steel in fair and ethical working conditions in India and China. Stainless steel is naturally BPA and phthalate free. This means no harmful chemicals can leach into your food. It's also really easy to clean. NO staining and NO odours.

Organic cotton produce bag - set of 3

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  • These organic cotton drawstring bags are a zero waste essential. They mean you can do away with packaging almost entirely. Here's hoping you have a zero waste shop nearby!

    The bags are perfect for filling up your loose dried goods at any zero waste store. They're made using super strong cotton with a fine weave so you can carry oats, rice or flour home without losing any on the way.  Easy drawstring close.

    This pack contains three bags - small, medium and large.

    small 16cm x 22cm | medium 23cm x 28cm | large 30cm x 36cm

    Here's a guide to capacity: 

    small - 500g coffee beans, 1kg rice, 1kg popping corn

    medium - 1kg mueslie, 1.2kg pasta,

    large - 3kg mueslie,  4kg rice

    Made resposibly in India from certified organic cotton. 


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