Crochet hemp mini basket - set of 2

Mum's Collection:

The house I grew up in was decorated with crocheted doilies. Different patterns and techniques, lace, flowers. With skilled fingers, patience and dedication, my mum made those fine little works of art herself.


Now they are seen as old fashioned, but mum really wanted to make something special for myMidori. So she combined tradition with modern, and crafted simple yet elegant timless pieces that hold years of practice and a piece of mum's heart.


Embedded in our history and culture, hemp was the only fiber she could have chosen for her collection. Hemp is an excellent renewable resource, sustainable, organic, antibacterial, durable and resistant, it won't weaken when washed, meaning it will last a long time while still looking beautiful year after year.


Yes, Mum's Collection is made by hand by mum, my mum. And everytime you choose one of her pieces, our hearts grow a little more knowing that her love has reached yet another home. Thank you!

Crochet hemp mini basket - set of 2

CHF 26.00Price
  • - Limited stock!

    - Set of 2

    - Premium-quality 100% natural romanian hemp

    - Natural color, untreated and unbleached

    - Soft baskets

    - Made by mum


    Dimensions approx.:

    1. Diameter 14 / height 9cm

    2. Diameter 8.5 / height 9cm


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