BLOOM Cycle kit

The founder and soul behind BLOOM muesli is Rommy Muñoz, a psychologist with a background in nutrition and a long successful career as a professional athlete, with multiple world titles as inline speed skater. 

Born in USA, raised in Colombia and now based in Switzerland, Rommy created together with her fiancé Yves a series of muesli combinations based on the seed cycling protocol. 

All and each of the BLOOM muesli combinations include an excellent balance of macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), as well as powerful micronutrients that are fundamental for our reproductive system and wellbeing. In addition, they include tiny yet potent seeds based on the seed cycling protocol, a functional medicine practice of eating certain nutrients (via seeds) at specific times of the menstrual cycle in order to support healthy hormonal balance.

These smart mixes do not only help us stabilise our blood sugar levels, support brain function and metabolism overall, but are particularly friendly with our endocrine system (hey there, dear hormones).

BLOOM Cycle kit

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  • Consistency is key...but for us, so is variety!

    Seed Cycling is a 100% natural path, so the protocol recommends that you follow it throughout the whole cycle and for at least 3 to 4 months in order to give your body some time to feel the benefits.


    To make it easier, fun and more convenient for you, Rommy and Yves decided to put together this special kit that includes all four BLOOM muesli mixes--4 different combinations and flavors, one for each phase of your cycle! 


    Weight: 4 pouches of 400g each


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