Bamboo Safety Razor

Bambaw was founded in 2015 by twin brothers Max and Augustin, who want to live their lives in a sustainable way and create as little waste as possible, while empowering others to do the same.

Bambaw believes that a more sustainable and ethically conscious world is possible, and it’s up to us to create it.

They rock the status-quo of consumerism by developing sustainable alternatives to single use products.

Bamboo Safety Razor

CHF 28.00Price
  • Return to traditional plastic-free shaving with Bambaw’s stylish safety razor. This zero-waste razor provides a close shave for both men and women.


    Each razor handle is made of a unique stem of bamboo. Therefore, each handle has slightly different colours and patterns.


    The zero-waste razors use one single blade made from stainless steel. Thus, the blades are easily recyclable. How often the blades need to be replaced depends on shave frequency and hair type, this can vary from a few weeks to months.


    Double edge safety razor blades are economical and can be bought plastic-free at myMidori.


    Ideal for beginners, designed for easy use, the closed comb makes it less aggressive than an open comb.

    • Bamboo handle
    • 1 Astra razor blade included (stainless steel, recyclable)
    • 1 In-depth digital user manual
    • Plastic free
    • CO2 neutral, from its conception to you
  • Shaving with the eco-friendly razor is different from a cartridge razor. Please check the included complete and illustrated online user manual.