Seed Cycling, just a trend or is there a truth to it?

You may have heard of Seed Cycling and wondered what exactly that was, what benefits did it bring and if it really worked.

The concept of it is to support your body during different phases of menstrual cycle by eating specific seeds to help ensure optimal hormone levels. It is not a one pill treatment, nor a miracle overnight fix, but a natural and gentle adjustment implemented overtime.

When following the Seed Cycling protocol, it is recommended to add 1TBSP each flax and pumpkin seeds to your daily diet during the first two phases of the cycle, Menstrual Phase and Follicular Phase respectively. That means day 1-14 beginning the first day of your period, and if you have no period, starting with full moon.

-Flax Seeds are high in lignans (a polyphoneol found in seeds), which have been proven to help alleviate high androgen levels, breast tenderness associated with periods, and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) symptoms.

-Pumpkin Seeds are an excellent source of magnesium and zinc, which makes them ideal to lower inflammation, boost sleep, reduce headaches and help to prevent joint pains.

For the second half of your cycle, meaning the Ovulatory Phase and Luteal Phase, the Seed Cycling protocol recommends adding 1 TBSP each sunflower and sesame seeds to your daily diet. Day 15-28 of the cycle, or starting with new moon when you have no period.

-Sesame Seeds have a type of lignan that has been found to help regulate cycles. These little seeds carry a great amount of magnesium and zinc, as well as Vitamin B1, which has been linked to reduction of severe cramps and other PMS symptoms.

-Sunflower Seeds contain tons of vitamin B1 and B6, as well as magnesium and zinc. Vitamin E is also present, which is believed to act as cramps and migraines fighter.

It is said that Seed Cycling could establish more predictable periods, help relieve Premenstrual Syndrome, increase fertility, ease pain from conditions like ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and PCOS.

It sounds great, right? But is it really so?

There are a few studies that show a hormonal impact of consuming seeds, but were made using the same seeds daily and for weeks to months at a time. *One such study shows that flax seeds may increase the likelihood of regular ovulation and improve progesterone levels as a result (great for those who are skipping periods or have low progesterone). Flax seeds may also reduce excess estrogen levels. **Other studies show that sesame seeds influence female hormones in a way that may be particularly useful for women suffering from PCOS or Oligomenorrhea.

While it is shown that consistently consuming a certain type of seeds (flax or/and sesame) for long periods of time has benefits for hormone health, there is no clinical study to attest the entire theory of Seeds Cycling. Nor is there one that contradicts it.

So does the Seed Cycling work?

Opinions differ and the most accurate answer would be that, as the results vary from person to person, the only way to know is to try it yourself.

What remains undisputable, is that eating specific seeds complements the natural hormonal changes during your cycle, and seeds in general have great benefits for your overall wellbeing.

Seeds are one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can consume. These nutrient-powerhouses contain minerals that help boost immunity, balance blood pressure, and support healthy tissues. They’re packed with heart-healthy unsaturated fats and phytonutrients, which have been linked to lowering your risk of chronic disease. Seeds also provide a powerful combo of plant-based fiber and protein.

Whether you’d like to try Seed Cycling, or simply get a diversity of seeds into your diet in an organized manner, ***BLOOM made it easy for you. Created keeping Seed Cycling in mind, BLOOM muesli are the perfect mix of seeds, macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) and powerful micronutrients, to support your body throughout the month.

Just have them for breakfast, as a snack or dessert, they are so delicious that your man will want them too.

And no, he doesn’t need to follow the phases of the moon…




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